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IG Kultur Wien

IG Kultur Wien

album release

2020 seems to be the year of hertzingers first album release

more infos to be coming soon!

FRAUFELD Vol.2 released!

18/06/2019 by arooo.records

more information here: at small forms/23.03.2019

'haben und brauchen in wien' in künstlerhaus 1050

We did it again:

A live-recording-session at small forms,

looking forward to hearing the results!


both evenigs begin 20:00 sharp,

both evenigs begin 20:00 sharp,

at Amann Studios, Neustiftgasse 68/23bA-1070

at Amann Studios, Neustiftgasse 68/23bA-1070


was a blast.

I enjoyed playing there with Christine Gnigler (Fraufeld), Birgit Michlmayr and MS Mutt (Unrecords)!

FRAUFELD live in concert at ECHORAUM 28/09/2018

Fraufeld is aiming to increase the visibility of female musicians for almost two years now. While on September 28th will perform most musicians of Fraufeld Vol.1 also 16 new Fraufeld-members who will record for our upcoming release Fraufeld Vol.2 in 2019 will be presented. I had the honour to curate them!

Friday, 28th of Sept.2018, 19:00 Sechshauser Straße 66, 1150 Wien



Sirius minimal / pling


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